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Silver & Gold - Photo Impressions of a Winter Walk

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

The weather was clear and cold today, every branch and withered leaf covered in delicate frost crystals. Patches illuminated by the low golden winter sun seemed to be set alight, like on fire with bright orange tones, while the shadows kept their blue silver hues, setting beautiful contrasts.

I captured them with my camera to be able to share the beauty of this winter walk with you, enjoy!

Where we live in Sweden the sun only barely reaches over the treeline of the forest in the winter. The days can be long and dark, but when the sun is out the light becomes so amazingly golden!

A photo of a frozen meadow, golden sunlight shines on it

This Mullein plant grows in the middle of an unpaved road and is fully covered in ice crystals. Mullein has healing properties and is, amongst other things, used against colds. The leaves are usually slighty grey and very fluffy.

A photo of a frozen mullein plant with many ice crystals on an unpaved road

Ice crystals sparkling in the sunlight are just so beautiful and the crunching sounds when walking over a frozen meadow is music to my ears.

A photo of a frozen meadow, all grass straws are covered in ice crystals that sparkle in the sunlight

This wilted birch leaf seemed so eerily alive with how the sunlight made it shine bright orange. It is surrounded by frozen blueberry bushes, there are soooo many blueberries in this forest in the summer!

A photo of frozen blueberry bushes, a withered birch leaf hangs from a branch in the center, the sunlight shines through it making it bright orange coloured

Some blueberry bushes still had their green leaves, amongst them grow heather plants and so much cushiony moss. The light green one, reindeer lichen (not actually a moss), is the only thing reindeers eat, or so I have been told. It even gets exported from Lappland, the most northern part of Sweden, to feed reindeers held in other parts of the world.

A photo of frozen moss and branches in the forest

My favourite shots from the winter walk were these heather plants covered in ice crystals, they sparkled so gorgeously in multiple colours!

A photo of frozen heather and branches in the forest

A closeup shot of the heather plants. I love the contrast beween the golden sunlight and the more icey blue shadow areas.

A closeup photo of frozen heather covered in sparkling ice crystals

These grass straws covered in ice crystals, bent in this peculiar triangular shape caught my eye.

(Sidenote: I had to squat a lot for all these pictures, I hope I won't have muscle burn tomorrow. ;P)

A closeup photo of wilted frozen grass straws covered in sparkling ice crystals

Many areas in the forest are covered by long wilted grass like this, to me it seems to flow like waves, nature is just so magnificent!

A photo of wilted frozen grass in the forest

This piece of wood and the leaves seemed like a piece of art placed amongst the frozen moss on the ground. I only discovered the little dead spider when checking through the photos on the big screen at home. I wonder if he is the artist?

A closeup photo of a frozen piece of wood, moss and wilted leaves that appear bright orange as the sunlight shines through them

I have to say, the Swedes are not particularly creative with names, this stream is called Lilån, which translates to "little river". Its very dark reddish water originates from all the minerals in the ground, there used to be a lot of iron mines in these parts. I enjoy the contrast of the dark water and the bright hair-like grass on the river bank.

A photo of a stream with very dark water, frozen grass and a birch tree grow at the river bank and seem golden in the sunlight

Ice art by mother nature, illuminated by the golden winter sun.

A photo of ice next to a stream with very dark water, frozen grass appears to be gold and orange around it

Another shot from Lilåns river bank. The long grass was swaying gracefully in the wind and seemed to have a fire coming from within due to the sunlight.

A photo of frozen vegetation next to a stream with very dark water, the vegetation appears golden and orange in the sunlight

Like in the picture above the grass and tree tops seem to be on fire from the light. Birches are my favourite trees. The first to have light green leaves in spring, gorgeous throughout summer, bright golden in autumn and pure black and white elegance in winter.

A photo of a frozen meadow with patches that seem on fire due to the sunlight, the edge of the forest in the background shines golden too

A forest made of ice, it's truely astonishing how many different shapes you see in these icey patches. You just have to look closely.

A closeup photo of frozen ground, small rocks lie about and the main patch of ice seems to be a forest made from ice crystals

A burning maple leaf crown caught my eye on the side of the road.

A closeup photo of a frozen maple leaf that shines bright orange in the sunlight, it is surrounded by rocks and vegetation covered in ice crystals

Icey wings drawn by winter.

A closeup photo of frozen water, the white ice has formed patterns that look like wings and stars

Or more abstract geometrical shapes formed by the ice.

A closeup photo of frozen water, the white ice has formed geometric patterns with triangular holes in it

Stars that grew around grass straws.

A closeup photo of frozen grass and water, the white ice has formed patterns that look like stars around the grass straws

And a pentagonal hole in the ice.

A closeup photo of frozen water, the white ice has formed geometric patterns with a pentagonal hole in its middle, two red branches grow from its top corners

I took so many more photos than these but I can't continue this blog post forever, I hope you enjoyed your trip alongside me for this winter walk.

Fingers crossed for a follow up with some snow pictures. Sadly snow has been scarce so far this year, but winter is still long and hopefully keeps being frosty up here in the cold harsh north. ;)

See you around for another walk some time soon!

Best regards,


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