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My very first blog-post ~♥~ an introduction to myself, my work and the future plans for this blog

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Hello dear visitor, a warm welcome to my website and this blog! :)

In this first blog post I want to give a more in depth view into my work, the media I work with, tools and workflow and what plans I have for the blog itself.

I work with a great variety of media, I learned more techniques over the years, mainly self-taught with a lot of practice. I began to draw at a very early age, mainly with pencils and coloured pencils. The latter I only started to use much later though, as I was always worried to ruin a drawing with some accidental pencil strokes, young me didn't believe in "happy lil accidents", can't erase that coloured pencil stroke, sorry Bob!

Photo of drawing tools, lead and coloured pencil, brush, ink liner and a drawing of a fairy

Those worries had an end once digital drawing came into my life, many many years later, infinite possibilities to redraw a line and NEVER ruin a beautiful outline drawing again, amazing! As time went by I developed my own technique and tried many tools, from bought blenders to just a paper handkerchief to blend the pencil colours together, to a "colourless pen" that blends colours but also alters the colours and makes em shiny as hell. By testing these things I found my own style and workflow and the tools that I still use today (it is the paper handkerchief for blending btw.).

Preferences for certain brands became a thing, with a lot of trial and error, and I expanded to more media. In-between the early pencil drawings and the later digital evolution of those, I started to use aquarelle colours and pencils, a lovely medium with its flowing bright colours and possible effects.

Close up photo of a well used watercolour/aquarelle paintbox

Ink pens for less "damageable" and more resistant outlines, brush pens for a nice outline flow accompanied the journey into the watercolour realm. New thicker types of paper had to be tested, as basic printer paper wasn't cutting it anymore. Even though I had already swapped that one out after having to erase on a spot so often the spot became a hole... :s

As I have a love for drawing rather small and intricate pictures, born out of having very little space to work on back in the early days, it's rare for me to draw bigger than a DIN A4 sheet (29,7 cm - 21 cm).

Only once I dipped my brushes into acrylics, I started to work in a slightly bigger scale and in more abstract ways. But even the acrylics are now mainly used to paint table top models and the little figurines I make out of Super Sculpey, a polymer clay. So back to small small and three-haired brushes we go for all those details!

Close up photo of a window picture with a colourful floral motive

Besides the Sculpey, I do papercrafts in both 2D and 3D, dangling suncatchers, wedding cards and menus, small lanterns and the like. The 2D works are usually paper suncatchers for windows, cut outs made from cardboard with transparent paper glued behind it that display their beautiful colours when light shines through them. The 3D crafts are often enhanced by feathers, silver or gold wire and glass beads. I make my own designs for those and plan to post templates and instructions for some of them here as blog posts in the future. You might also stumble upon posts with photos of the beautiful nature all around me as that is one of my biggest inspirations and joys in life.

Photo of yellow autumn leaves and dried white flowers

And yeah that's what I plan to use this blog for. To give an inside view of the workflow of such and other projects and get in touch in the comments with other creative minds and the ones enjoying such crafts even if they don't make them themselves.

Thank you very much for the visit, I hope to see you around again!

Best regards,


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